breakfast for dinner

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fancy Schmancy Boss Lady

A holiday break project for my favorite ladies.

Needle craft on vintage crew neck colors.

fancy schmancy boss lady



boss lady

the ladies

Sunday, October 31, 2010

pendelton wool bag

Made a very long awaited trip to the Pendelton Woolen Mill fabric store a few weeks ago. Finished my first project today with some of my goods.

A large size tote bag with a small cell phone pocket and heavy canvas straps.

Pendelton Tote Bag

Pendelton Tote Bag - Pocket

Pendelton Tote Bag

halloween times three

Free candy, jumpsuits, gord crafts, dancing, fake blood, candy, friends and cute little kids dressed as inanimate objects. Do you really have to ask why Halloween is my all time favorite holiday?

I love halloween so much I did it three times this year.

Three pumpkins (because I couldn't pick just one at the patch). And three costumes, because I wanted like 15, but was too busy and only made it to three.

pumpkin - pattern and saturn (/hamburger)

pumpkin - wonky jobber

Awesome Jumpsuit Girl

project management department as the cast of Three's Company
Mr. Furley with the cast of Three's Company

Space Zombie and Figure Skater Zombie
Space Zombie and Figure Skater Zombie

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Red Moon Credits Make Us All Freak Out

Hey, did you know that sometimes we make movies? And sometimes the credits look like this?

Red Moon End Cards

(Via Sirocco Research Labs' Blog)

friends, twins

I texted Annie to tell her she and Appleby dressed the same.


She had a good come back.