Sunday, October 26, 2008

you know when you put on fresh jeans from the dryer on a cold day and it's the best thing ever?

This morning was the opposite of that.

It's been raining and very very cold here the past two days. Mind you, by cold I mean 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I know, I can hear your screams from Oregon all the way here in Kolkata. The weather is a funny thing here. First of all, I've already acclimated to the 90-100+ degree weather I've been use to for the last month. A 20-something degree drop over night is crazy ridiculous. Secondly, it's super moist here. The humidity makes the cold cut through your clothes and leaves everything in it's path a soggy, damp, cold mess--like my pants this morning before work. Luckily, I have plans to head north soon to colder weather which means I am in possession of some super sweet long underwear my parents sent me. If you need proof of my coldness, here is a picture of me as a ninja last night (AKA wearing my long underwear spandex).

The cold is unbelievably off putting for the locals. Everywhere I look there are bundled up, grouchy Indians in super funky wool sweaters. I hope to be the owner of one of these sweaters very soon. They say this cold is very late, way past monsoon season. Most are yelling global warming.

It's hard to deal with the cold, not for me personally, but for the women at work. I was fretting for a long while last night about the condition I'd find the patients in this morning. They are very old, very under dressed and the windows of Prem Dan are just metal bars, no glass closure to keep out the wind. I was running around wrapping up women in shawls today and rubbing cold, sockless feet. I really hope the weather turns soon for their sake.

Speaking of going north, indeed, it is happening... I'm going to the mountains! Next Tuesday marks my last day of work at Prem Dan and my last day in Kolkata. I'm already getting a bit anxious and/or nervous for my goodbyes. However, I can't lie, there is a big part of me that is itching to get back on the road. I'm going this afternoon to purchase my train tickets to Varansi and Agra (!!!!) and to get my Nepali visa from the embassy. And! Last night I called and the ashram to speak with Anand ji about visiting in late November. It's happening! November 16th to the 30th I'll be living at the ashram Ben and Chad have so fondly fell in love with. Some of you may remember Ben and Chad's strong words in their blogs about this place. They elevated the ashram and the school and the children to a near paradise level for me. I cannot believe I get to see it in person.

Mountains, here I come!


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the world awaits.

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Unfortunately, Katie’s trip has hit a major bump in the road. She is currently (as of 10/31) in the Belle Vue Clinic hospital in Calcutta with a fever that just won’t go away. She is being treated for a parasite with IV antibiotics and is undergoing numerous tests. The latest theory is that she has Typhoid Fever, but the diagnosis is not complete. We all wish her well and hope she will get well soon. If you want to e-mail me direct, my address is

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers,
Doug and Karla